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The Rockin LH Asparagus Farm was started in 1981 by Lee & Sharon Henry. They grew fresh asparagus to sell to locals & markets. However, they had too much for the locals to purchase and not enough for the grocery store markets, so they started making recipes that called for asparagus! Out of that venture they developed 2 flavors of Pickled Asparagus, one Original Pickled Asparagus & one Hot & Spicy Picked Asparagus. That led to 8 different & unique flavors of mustards, Smokin Gun Jalapeno Mustard, Oriental Fire & Lace a Hot & Sweet Mustard, Hickory Canyon a Smokey Jalapeno, Rojo's Ruckus a Chipotle Mustard, Blazin Chile is a Hot Pepper Mustard, Yellow Jack a Rich & Robust Mustard,  Desert Flower Honey Mustard and for the garlic lovers Goldstone Garlic mustard, & 2 unique flavors of dressings, White Lightnin Jalapeno & Asparagus Dressing & Breath O Fire Horseradish Dressing. They then invented 4 Pickled Garlic items, an Original Pickled Garlic nuggets & Hot & Spicy Pickled Garlic nuggets, Trail Boss’s Choice is a mixture of Pickled Garlic & Sweet Hot sliced Jalapeno's & Lonesome Vaccaro's Italian Garlic, which is the only item made with soy oil and Italian seasonings. The Asparagus Pepper Jelly has jalapeno’s & white wine in it. They came up with a sliced  sweet hot Candied Jalapeno called Whipper Snapper that is addictive! 3 flavors of Papa Fitz Dry Meat Rubs for pork which is Bareback Pig, Hardwood Barrel for beef & Aunt Sassy’s Seasoning for chicken/fish, soups, stews. They had their own special blend of chili seasoning and 2 sizes of the World Famous Bloody Mary mix with an asparagus spear in each bottle. After that it was only natural that a cookbook that has recipes for all their products and some special family & friend recipes came into the business. Not to mention the western themed Gift Boxes loaded with Ben Jack Larado's Gourmet Foods for Christmas, Family Re-Unions, or Birthdays. They sold their Ben Jack Larado products at the Oklahoma State Fair, Tulsa State Fair, Iowa State Fair, 3-An Affair of The Heart shows and many others over the 30 years in business. They also operated the Big River Emporium country store and had 2 Bed & Breakfasts on their home place near Stidham OK, not to mention all the shipping to Gourmet and Specialty Stores under the Rockin LH Asparagus Farm  & to individual customers across the U.S. under the Big River Emporium website. But after 30 years of lots of love and hard work they decided to close the store and B&B's and start enjoying life, spending more time with family & friends. They  retired!

Fred & I have followed in Lee & Sharon Henry's footsteps & retired. The new couple who now own Rockin LH Asparagus Farm & Big River Emporium are Michael & Pam Foreman. You can still order on line or call Pam on her cell 405-343-7026. Rockin LH Asparagus Farm services our wholesale customer and Big River Emporium.com services our customers on line 24/7.

We know you will enjoy the unique flavor of the Ben Jack Larado Gourmet Food line that the Henry's put so much love into creating. Please give Pam a call if you have any questions about the products at 405-343-7026. Please leave your name and phone number if it goes to voice mail. Now on Face Book at www.facebook.com/bigriveremporium,

Thank you for using Ben Jack Larado Gourmet Food products. We will miss you all! 

Fred & Sue Lawhorn



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